Jaipur Humboldt Club

University of Rajasthan, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Jaipur 302004
 List of Humboldt Fellows

Bansal, Professor Dr. Raj Kumar (Retd.)
Department of Chemistry
4-Ja 10, Jawahar Nagar Jaipur 302004
Tele. 2651030 ® 2701868 (Dept)                                                                                                    email - rajbns@yahoo.com

Bharadwaj, Professor Dr. T.N (Retd.)
Department of Botany
92/189, Gokhale Marg Mansarover,
Jaipur, 302020
Tele. (0141) 2395358 ®
09829250828 (M)

Bhatia, Professor Dr. Arvind Lal (deceased)
Department of Zoology
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
301 Mangalam Apartment C-89,
Jagaraj Marg, Bapunagar, Jaipur 15
Tele. 2711304 ® 5064287 (mobile),                

email –arvindlalbhatia@hotmail.com;                                                                                                  armbha@gmail.com

Bohra, Professor Dr. Rakesh (Retd.)

Department of Chemistry
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
D-4 Bapu Nagar, Jaipur 302004
Tele. 2708478 ®
09460140842 (M)
e mail -rkbohra@satyam.net.in

Chaudhary, Professor Dr. Rama Charan (Retd.)
Department of Mathematics
University of Rajasthan,  Jaipur
D-299 Sarvanand Marg, Malviya
Nagar, Jaipur
09828150299 (M)
Tele. 2547512 ®

Kumar, Professor Dr. Ashok (Retd.)                          

President, Humboldt Club Jaipur                                                                                                     Department of Zoology

University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

R 12, University of Rajasthan Campus,Jaipur 302004

Ex Vice Chancellor Chattrapati Shahuji Maharaj University, Kanpur (2011-2014)

Presently Vice Chancellor ( Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur)

Tel. +91 9829068557  

email -mamsjpr@hotmail.com

Kumar, Professor Dr. Ashwani (Retd.)
Department of Botany
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
2-kha-14, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur
302004. Tele. 2654100 ®

Pandey, Professor Dr. Dhirendra Kumar
SECRETARY, Humboldt Club Jaipur

Department of Geology
University of Rajasthan,  Jaipur
4/284 S.F.S Agrawal Farm
Jaipur 302020
Tele. (0141) 2395177 ®
+91 9928369323 (Mb)

e mail-dhirendrap@hotmail.com

Pathak, Professor Dr. Vijai Nath (deceased)

Department of Chemistry
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
69/224 Sutluj Marg,Veer Teja Ji Road,
Mansarovar, Jaipur 09414255384 (M)
Tele. 2780573 ®

Sharma, Professor Dr. S.K.
Department of Physics
E305 Lal Kothi Scheme
Jaipur 302015
Tele. 2741987 ®
e mail –sksh@datainfosis.net

Sharma. Professor Dr. Ram S. (Retd.)
Department of Geology
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
70/36, Pratap Nagar , Sector 7, Jaipur
303906 Tele. 2790317 ®

e - mail.-amss4@sify.com

Singh, Professor Dr. Pahup (Retd.)
Department of
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
6/4, SFS, Agrawal Form, Mansarovar, Jaipur
Tele. 2395427 ®
e mail -pahupsingh@yahoo.co.uk


Prof. A.L. Bhatia (deceased)

Founder President 

Professor Bhatia has been internationally known for his work on the effect of tritium (a radioactive pollutant of nuclear reactors) and its impact assessment, as well as radiation protection of human population through economically cheaper nutraceuticals which could be available to people, even to below poverty line. Having several research papers and review articles to his credit, his work on tritium clearly established the long term deleterious influence of tritium on 2 vital cell systems, renewal and non-renewal. His one CD Rom on tritium research has also been released way back in 1995 from Belgium in co-authorship of renowned radioecologist, Prof. Rene Kirchmann, comprising mainly Prof. Bhatia's work.

His work on gene mediated radiation protection with an objective of population protection from high background radiation (man made, as that of nuclear power plant or natural ones, like that of Kerala) using especially Amaranthus, Spinach, melatonin and now on flaxseed and sesame oils is receiving great attention of the media and researchers equally; this can be gazed by net-surfing. He pioneered in the therapeutic aspect of radiation injury through lignan. His work is also well expressed in his presidential address of Indian Science Congress; his majority of publications in the Presidential Address of Animal Veterinary and Fishery Sciences Section, 2007-2008 outlines the significance and application of his research. He has published his work in national and international Journals of repute with good impact factor; it is being cited too. The H-index of his work from 1996-2006 is 9 as indicated by SCOPUS. Of the 47 documents considered for the h-index, 9 have been cited at least 9 times. Highest citation index of his papers have gone more than 25.

His one of the recent interests in propagation and pursuit of ethical issues in science and technology is worth heeding. His sincere endeavours in this direction are reflected by the plenary and special lectures he is delivering, and by his innovative thought-provocating approach in his publications [Adolescents Roles in Science, Technology and Ethics (A.L. Bhatia) Volume 5 Issue 3/4 of International Journal of Ethics 2007; Proc. Symp. on Radiation Education, Nagasaki, Japan, 2003]. As Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Journal of Experimental Sciences (a 23 years old Journal), he also patronizes the moral fibres of his mission on ethics. He also promotes Indian Science and young scientists through his eidted Journal.

Besides this, it is also commendable (now-a-days a prerequisites of any scientist towards a contribution to the nation building), that Prof. Bhatia has been consistently espousing popularization of science among masses. Apart from more than 20 text- and reference books he has also written over 15 small books and many articles on popular science, in Hindi. Many of them have been for general masses, adult education and literacy programmes; as well he is frequently invited for lectures by media/NGO in order to creating the scientific awareness amongst masses. (For his attainments in detail, please see www.albhatia.in)



Professor Ashok Kumar



 Dr. S.K. Sharma

Dr. Suman Kumar Sharma is a former Max-Planck as well a Humboldt Fellow. As a Max-Planck Fellow he worked with Prof. S. Hofmann at the Max-Planck Institut fuer Metallforschung, Stuttgart (1989). Later he worked as a Humboldt Fellow during 1991-1992 at the Hahn-Meitner Institute, Berlin in the group of Prof. H. Wollenberger and interacted with Dr. M.-P. Macht and Dr. V. Naundorf in carrying out research investigations on diffusion in amorphous alloys. Prior to this Dr. Sharma was a Senior Scientist at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai and worked at the Metallurgy Division with Dr. R. Krishnan and Dr. S. Banerjee during the years 1979-1989. 

Dr. Sharma has been continuing his research collaboration with German scientists and has been a Visiting Scientist at the Technical Faculty of the Kiel University during the years 1998 and later in 2001-2002 in the group of Prof. Franz Faupel. During the later tenure he participated in writing a review article on Diffusion in Amorphous Alloys and Supercooled Melts with several renowned German Scientists in this research area and this has been published  in the prestigious international review journal Reviews of Modern Physics  Vol. 75/1, pp.  237-280, 2003. Dr. Sharma’s research work on diffusion in amorphous alloys is quite well known and has been prominently mentioned in the encyclopaedic review series Materials Science and Technology, Eds. R. W. Cahn, P. Haasen and E. J. Krammer, VCH, Weinheim, Vol. 9, p. 519, 1992. 

Dr. Sharma is presently a Professor at the Department of Physics in the Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur. Several students have earned Ph. D. under his guidance and he has more than 70 research papers to his credit which have been published in various prestigious international research journals in Physics and Materials Science. In addition he has presented papers and delivered invited talks at many National and International symposia and conferences. Dr. Sharma’s research interests include studies on thermo-chemical behaviour of amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys including surface modification studies by various methods.



 Professor Dr. D. K. Pandey

  Dr. D. K. Pandey is a Humboldt Awardee, the recipient of a prestigious honour of German Government and has also been completed four months of German language course in Marburg, Germany in 1992. He has also been recipient of C.N.R.S. Fellowship, i.e. another prestigious honour of French Government. Dr. Pandey has completed five Major Research Projects funded by DST, UGC and DAAD. He has about 47 research papers published in national and international journals.

Since he joined the University of Rajasthan at Jaipur (1982) his research activities concentrated on Kachchh and Jaisalmer basins. In the beginning he carried out the conventional studies of describing fossil groups, mainly bivalves and ammonites with some new forms of bivalves and ammonites at first stage. This also included first record of Bajocian-Bathonian ammonites from India and partial revision of Jurassic Lamellibranchs taxonomy (these results have already been published in the refereed Journals). His initial work also included Lithostratigraphic mapping of Gora Dongar in the Kachchh Basin - a large area of about 1000 sq km. and taphonomic and biostrationomic study in the Cauvery Basin, leading to environmental information on Late Cretaceous sedimentation.

As a follow up of his visit to Germany, France, UK under Humboldt Foundation Fellowship (Germany) and CNRS Fellowship (France), and participation in the field-work in India (Kachchh, Saurashtra, Jaisalmer, Tiruchchirrappalli, etc.) and in Europe (Normandy, Alps, Denmark and Gotland) he concentrated on application of the biotic elements and applied aspects of palaeontology, like taphonomy, biostrationomy, palaeoecology and trace fossils, for the reconstruction of depositional environment. He also focused on Sequence Stratigraphy of Kachchh and Jaisalmer basins.

At the second stage Dr. Pandey revised a monograph on corals written in 1900 by Gregory looking into the new biological insight of corals and their application in the reconstruction of depositional environment. He also initiated recognition of ecophenotypic characters and microarchitectures in corals. He has also described and illustrated most of the Jurassic corals from Jordan, Iran and Tunisia for the first time. Visualizing the importance to understand better the variation of the facies and microarchitecture and microstructure in the coral skeleton he carried out studies on Quaternary carbonate sediments and corals of Saurashtra, which in turn help in reconstruction of the sea-level curve and the palaeoclimate.

Dr. Pandey has recently organized IX International Congress on the Jurassic System (6-9 January, 2014). This congress was organized for the first time in India. In the Congress, delegates from 32 countries participated. During the post congress field work footprints of Dinosaurs were recorded from the Jaisalmer Basin.


Curriculum Vitae


Professor, Department of Geology, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur


Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (Germany)

C.N.R.S. Fellow (France)

DAAD Fellow (Germany)

Recipient of Prof. S.K.Singh Memorial Gold Medal

Fellow of the Geological Society of India

Country Coordinator of India for IGCP project 506 (China)

Voting & Corresponding Member of the International Subcommission on Jurassic Stratigraphy

Secretary, Humboldt Club, Jaipur

Executive Member, Indo-German Society

Convener of  the 9th International Congress on the Jurassic System  held in Jaipur (January 6 - 9, 2014) Web: www.jurassic2014.in


Tele. + 919928369323, E-mail: dhirendrap@hotmail.com

Date of birth: 2 January 1957


Academic Career:



Banaras Hindu University

M.Sc. (Ist Class)


Banaras Hindu University

B.Sc. Honours in Geology


Banaras Hindu University

Diploma in German


Marburg, Germany

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (Total teaching experience 32 years):


Since  December 2003

Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Rajasthan

Associate Professor

March, 1995 – Nov.  2003

Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Rajasthan

Assistant Professor

March 4, 1982 - March 1995

Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Rajasthan



Head, Dept. of Geology, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur (August 2000 to September 2003)

Warden, Gokhale Hostel, Univ. Maharaja’s Collage Campus (October 2003 – August 2009)

Head, Department of Geology, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur (September 2013 to July 2014)

Convener, Board of Studies, Department of Geology, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

 FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION: Invertebrate Palaeontology and Stratigraphy


1. Awarded Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship: 1992-93, 1995, 1997, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011

2. Carried out DST-German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)Joint Research project: 1999-2002

3. Awarded Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Fellowship (CNRS): June-August 2001

4. Awarded DAAD Scholarship in the year 2008

5.Currently engaged in carrying out French Darius Program for Palaeogeographic map (2010-2013)

6. Recipient of Prof. S.K.Singh Memorial Gold Medal for best paper in PSI, Lucknow  2011

7. Fellow of the Geological Society of India, Bangalore.

8. One research paper on Sequence Stratigraphy..,won the “Palaeo-3 Most Cited Papers 2003-2007 Award”.

9.Nominated corresponding & voting member of the International Subcommission on Jurassic Stratigraphy

10. Invited as resource person for the “Coral Conservation Program” in Lakshadweep by National Institute of Oceanography

11. Contributed in the revision of Treatise of Invertebrate Palaeontology (Corals), USA

12. Member of Freunde der Würzburger  Geowissenschaften, Germany, Palaeontological Society of India, Indian Journal of Geology, Indian Journal of Environmental Sciences.

13. Indian Coordinator for International Geological Correlation Program, Project no. 506.

14. Organized National Seminar on Stratigraphy, Palaeontology and Paleoenvironment in 2011.

15. Organized 9th International Congress on the Jurassic System  for the first time in India (Web: www.jurassic2014.in)

16. Promoting of geo-tourism and protection of  natural heritage in India


RESEARCH PROJECTS CARRIED OUT: UGC (2), DST (5), DST-DAAD (1), IGCP (1), DFG (1), Darius Program for Palaeogeographic map (2010-2012)

 List of full research papers published (in national and international journals) (published: 77):

2014. Pandey, D. K., Uchman A., Kumar, Vineet & Shekhawat, Rajesh Singh. Cambrian trace fossils of the Cruziana  ichnofacies from the Bikaner-Nagaur Basin, north western Indian Craton - Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 81: 129–141.

2014. Pandey, D.K., Fürsich, F.T. & Alberti, M. Stratigraphy and palaeoenvironments of the Jurassic rocks of the Jaisalmer Basin - Field Guide. – Beringeria, Special Issue 9: 1–111.

2013. Fürsich, F.T., Alberti, M. & Pandey, D.K. Stratigraphy and palaeoenvironments of the Jurassic rocks of Kachchh - Field Guide. – Beringeria, Special Issue 7: 1–174.2013.

2013. Rai, Jyotsana, Singh, Abha and Pandey, D.K.. Early to Middle Albian age calcareous nannofossils from Pariwar Formation of Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan, western India and their significance. - Current Science, 105 (11): 1604-1611.

2013. Pandey, D.K., Alberti, M. & Fürsich, F.T., Głowniak,  Ewa, and Olóriz, Federico. Ammonites from the Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian boundary and the Lower-Upper Kimmeridgian of Kachchh, western India. – Volumina Jurassica XI: 97–146.

2013. Pandey, D.K., Alberti, M. & Fürsich, F.T. Ammonites from the Oxfordian (Bifurcatus Zone) strata of Gangta Bet, Kachchh, western India. - Journal of The Palaeontological Society of India, 58(2), 2013: 139-174.

2013. Mu. Ramkumar, Alberti, M., Fürsich, Franz T. and Pandey. D.K. Depositional and Diagenetic Environments of the Dhosa Oolite Member (Oxfordian), Kachchh Basin, India: Implications for the Origin and Occurrence of the Ooids and Their Correlation with the Global Fe-Oolite Peak in Mu. Ramkumar (ed.), On a Sustainable Future of the Earth’s Natural Resources, Springer Earth System Sciences, Chapter 11: 179-230; DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-32917-3_11, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg

2013. Alberti, M., Fürsich, F.T. & Pandey, D.K., Seasonality in low latitudes during the Oxfordian (Late Jurassic) reconstructed via high-resolution stable isotope analysis of the oyster Actinostreon marshi (J. Sowerby, 1814) from the Kachchh Basin, western India. International Journal of Earth Sciences, doi: 10.1007/s00531-013-0864-x

2013. Alberti, Matthias, Fürsich, Franz T. and Pandey, D.K. Deciphering condensed sequences: A case study from the Oxfordian (Upper Jurassic) Dhosa Oolite member of the Kachchh Basin, western India. Sedimentology, vol. 60, issue 2, pp. 574-598, Impact factor 2.229.

2012. Alberti, M., Fürsich, F.T. & Pandey, D.K. The Oxfordian stable isotope record (δ18O, δ13C) of belemnites, brachiopods, and oysters from the Kachchh Basin (western India) and its potential for palaeoecologic, palaeoclimatic, and palaeogeographic reconstructions. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 344-345: 49-68.

2012. Pandey, D.K. Choudhary, Shipra, Tej Bahadur, Narendra Swami and Jingeng Sha. A review of the Lower – lowermost Upper Jurassic lithostratigraphy of the Jaisalmer Basin, western Rajasthan, India - an implication on biostratigraphy – Volumina Jurassica X: 61–82.

2012. Pandey, D.K., Alberti, M. & Fürsich, F.T., Ammonites of the genus Perisphinctes Waagen, 1869 from the Oxfordian of Kachchh, western India. Revue de Paléobiologie 31: 483-587.

2012 Muthuvairavasamy Ramkumar, Matthias Alberti, Fürsich, Franz T., Pandey, Dhirendra Kumar. Anomalous phosphorus episodes during Callovian-Oxfordian times in the Kachchh Basin, western India: Implications for palaeoclimate, productivity, and weathering. Geochemistry, Elsevier,  72: 141–148 (Impact factor 1.525).

2011. Alberti, M., Fürsich, F.T., Pandey, D.K., Ramkumar, M., Stable isotope analyses of belemnites from the Kachchh Basin, western India: paleoclimatic implications for the Middle to Late Jurassic transition. Facies. 58 (2): 261-278. DOI 10.1007/s10347-011-0278-9 (2011)

2011. Alberti, M., Pandey, D.K., Fürsich, F.T. Ammonites of the genus Peltoceratoides Spath, 1924 from the Oxfordian of Kachchh, western India. - Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie. 262: 1-18. (Impact Factor 1.9)

2011. Pandey, D.K., Fürsich,  Franz T.,  Gameil M. and Ayoub-Hannaa , W. S. Aspidiscus cristatus (Lamarck) from the Cenomanian sediments  of Wadi Quseib, East Sinai, Egypt. - Journal of The Palaeontological Society of India, 56 (1): 29-37.

2011. Misra, P.K., Jauhri, A.K., Pandey, D.K., Kishore, S., Tej Bahadur, Singh, S.K., Singh, A.P. and Chhabra, N.L. Coralline Algae from the Chaya Formation (Late Pleistocene-Holocene) from the North Dwarika Area, Western India. – Geological Process and Climate Change. Editors: Dhru Sen Singh and N.L. Chhabra, Macmillan Publishers India Limited, pp. 23-34.

2011. Pandey, D.K. and Tej Bahadur. Awareness of Organic Evolution through Museums. – Relevance of Museum and Museology in Modern Society. Editor. Professor Vibha Upadhyaya, Literary Circle Jaipur, 37-38, Figs. 1-11.

2010.      Kiessling Wolfgang, Pandey, D.K., Schemm-Gregory, Mena, Mewis, Heike and Aberhan Martin. Marine benthic invertebrates from the Upper Jurassic of northern Ethiopia and their biogeographic affinities. - Journal of African Earth Sciences 59 (2-3): 195-214 (Impact Factor 1.723)

2010. Pandey D.K. & Rakesh Singh. Early Pliocene – Holocene favia from northern and northwestern coastal areas of Saurashtra peninsula, western India- Journal of The Palaeontological Society of India, 55 (2), December 2010: 107-120; Lucknow.

2010. Pandey, D.K. and Bhadu Balram. Outcrop based study to infer depositional environment and sequence stratigraphic framework of Paleogene sediments of the Jaisalmer Basin, NW India – ONGC Bulletin Vol. 45 (2): 39-48.

2010. Pandey, D.K., Sha Jingeng, and Choudhary, Shipra. Sedimentary cycles in the Callovian-Oxfordian of the Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan, western India – Volumina jurassica VIII: 131–162.

2010. Srivastava , D. K., Pandey,  D.K., Alberti,  M. and Fürsich,  F. T. Record of Advenaster Hess, 1955 (Asteroidea) From The Bathonian Patcham Formation of Kala Jhar in Habo Dome, Kachchh Basin, India. - Journal of The Palaeontological Society of India, 55(1): 65-69.

2010. Pandey, D.K. and Bhadu Balram. Inter-basinal Correlation of Paleogene sediments of Jaisalmer and Barmer basins, western India: An approach by sequence stratigraphy. 8th Biennial International Conference and Exposition on Petroleum Geophysics, Hyderabad. P 164: 1-4.

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2008. Misra, A. and Pandey, D.K. Microfacies and depositional environment of the Bathonian Jhurio at the Jumara Dome, Kachchh, Western India. - Asian Journal of Experimental Sciences (Special Edition), 22 (2): 123-140; Jaipur

2007. Pandey, D.K., Fürsich, F.T., Baron-Szabo, R. and Wilmsen, M. Lower Cretaceous corals from the Koppeh Dagh, NE-Iran. –Zitteliana,  A47, 3-52; München.

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2006. Fürsich, F.T., Pandey, D.K., Kashyap, D. and Wilmsen, M. The trace fossil Ctenopholeus Seilacher & Hemleben, 1966 from the Jurassic of India and Iran: distinction from related ichnogenera. – N. Jb. Geol. Paläont. Mh, (11): 641-654; Stuttgart.

2006. Pandey, D.K., A review of a book: Memoir 63, Quaternary Geology: Indian Perspective, written by Dr. U. B. Mathur, Published by Geological Society of India, Bangalore, 2005 – Journal of The Palaeontological Society of India, 51 (1): 111; Lucknow

2006. Pandey, D.K., Sha Jingeng, and Choudhary, Shipra. Depositional history of the early part of the Jurassic succession on the Rajasthan Shelf, western India – Progress in Natural Science, 16 (Special Issue on Marine and Non-marine Jurassic: Boundary, Events and Correlation): 176-185; Beijing.

2006. Pandey, D.K., Sha Jingeng, and Choudhary, Shipra. Depositional environment of Bathonian sediments of the Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan, western India – Progress in Natural Science, 16 (Special Issue on Marine and Non-marine Jurassic: Boundary, Events and Correlation): 163-175; Beijing.

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1982. Singh, C. S. P., Jaitly, A. K. and Pandey, D.K., First report of some Bajocian-Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) ammonoids and the age of the oldest sediments from Kachchh, W. India - Newsletter on Stratigraphy, Germany, 11 (1): 37-40; Stuttgart.

1982. Pandey, D. K. and Singh, C. S. P., On a new species of Macrocephalites Zittel from Jurassic of Kachchh (Gujarat) - Journal Geological Society of India, 23: 621-623; Bangalore.

1981. Pandey, D.K. and Singh, C. S. P., A new species of Indoculana Kanjilal & Singh (Bivalvia) from Gora Doongar, in Pachchham, "Island", District Kachchh (Gujarat, India) - Journal of Palaeontology U.S.A., 55 (6): 1296-1297; Lawrence


4/284 S.F.S. Agrawal Farm, JAIPUR- 302020; INDIA


0091-141-2395177 (Res.)

0091-141-2702792 (Palaeontology lab, Dept. of Geology, UOR)

0091-9928369323 (Mobile)

E-mail ID


web: www.jurassic2014.in

web: hwww.humboldt-jaipur.webs.com

Founder Members

Prof. T.N. Bhardwaja

Former Vice-Chancellor,

Kota Open University, Kota (Raj.)


1.   Name & Date of Birth              :           T.N. Bhardwaja, 12 January, 1933

2.   Designation                              :           Ex. Vice Chancellor,

                                                                Kota Open University, Kota (India)

3.   Educational Qualification        :          

i  M.Sc. (1955)                                  

(University of Rajasthan)   :           Botany

ii  Ph.D. (1960)                                  

University of Rajasthan     :           Title

Morphology and Systematics of the water fern Marsilea in Rajasthan

iii  D.Sc. Thesis (2003)                       

University of Rajasthan     :           Title

Morphology and Systematics of the water fern Marsilea in Rajasthan


4.   Specialisation                           :           Botany

                                                Pteridophytes : Biology, Morphology, Cytology,    Reproduction Biology with special reference to      Marsileaceae, General Botany.


5.   Foreign Research Institutions visited:


  •    Department of Cryptogamic Botany, University of Manchester (U.K.), 1967;
  •   Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum, W. Berlin (Germany), 1971-73, 1987-88, 1997;
  •    Pflanzenphysiologische Institut, W. Berlin (Germany), 1972;
  •    British Museum (Natural History), London (U.K.), 1972, 1988, 1997;
  •   Herbarium & Jodrell Laboratories, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (U.K.), 1972, 1988, 1997.
  •   Institut fur Systematische Botanik und Pflanzengeographie Der Universitat Heidelberg, (Germany), 1988, 1997;
  •    Lehrstuhl fur Spezielle Botanik Ruhr Universitat, Bochum, (Germany), 1997;
  •    Herbarium, Uppsala University, Uppsala, (Sweden), 1988;
  •     Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina, (U.S.A.) 1988;  
  •     Institut fur Systematische Botanik and Pflanzengeographie Der Universitat Zurich, (Switzerland), 1977



6.   Research Publications         :           Over 120 Publications.

7.   Teaching Experience            :           35 Years,

  • Degree & P.G. Classes in Colleges of Rajasthan and Rajasthan University department. Mosul University, Iraq (1966 to 1970), Biology Department, Western Carolina University, U.S.A. (one semester 1988): Lectured at Universities in Germany, U.K., Switzerland, America and Australia.


8.   Research Supervision :


  •     15 Ph.D. these on various aspects of Biology of Rajasthan Pteridophytes, 5 theses on Marsileaceae, 1 thesis on weed ecology, 1 thesis on Rbizobium and mycorrhizal fungi : scholars being presently supervised for Ph.D. degree on Marsileaceae and Pteridophyte Biology.




  • 9.   Major Research Projects Completed/in progress :
  •    U.G.C. Project “Experimental studies of the water fern Marsilea” (1970-71)
  •   Humboldt-stiftung sponsored project on “Monographic revision of the water fern Marsilea” (1971-73).
  •   U.G.C. Project on “Cytotaxonomic & Experimental studies of Rajasthan Pteridophytes” (1975-80).
  •   CSIR Project on “Phytochemical investigation of the genus Marsilea with special reference to its medicinal value” (1980-83).
  •   U.G.C. Project on “Investigation of the fern flora of Rajasthan with special reference to their Reproductive Biology, Ecology and Survival Strategies” (1981-86).
  •  Humboldt-stiftung sponsored project on “Cytotaxonomy, Phytochemistry and Experimental Studies of Pteridophytes of Rajasthan”.
  •   U.G.C. Project “Eco-physiological and Experimental Investigations of the amphibious Pteridophytes with special reference to the family Marsileaceae” (1990-1995).
  •   U.G.C. Project “Analytical studies of reproductive biology of Morphogensis in amphibious plants with special reference of land ↔ water form conversions” (in progress) (1997).
  •   Department of Environment, Government of Rajasthan, research programme entitled “Status survey of endangered, threatened and endemic species of Rajasthan flora with special reference to Pteridophytes” (Under submission).



10. Participation in National and International Seminars/Symposia :


  •   International symposium on “The Phylogeny and classification of the Ferns” London, 1972.
  •   National Seminar on “Progress of Botany in India” Jaipur, 1977.
  •   XIII International Botanical Congress held in Sydney, Australia, 1981.
  •   National Seminar on “Progress of Botanical Research” Chandigarh, 1983.
  •   U.G.C. Symposium on “Science Education”, Chandigarh, 1983.
  •  National Symposium on “Advancing Frontiers of Botanical Research”, Jodhpur, 1984.
  •   VII Annual Conference of Indian Botanical Society, Jaipur, 1984.
  •   National Seminar on “Bio-energy Education”, Ajmer, 1985.
  •   National Symposium on “Biology of Indian Pteridophytes”, Patiala, 1986.
  •   IX All India Botanical Conference, Madras, 1986.
  •   XIV International Botanical Congress held in Berlin, 1987, organized SIGM Group IV-Biology of Amphibious plants.
  •   Ecology, Evolution, strees – Symposium, Linnean Society of Landon, 1988.
  •   International Conference RPSRF, Delhi University, Delhi, 1988.
  •   Convener, Interioñal Synposium on “Present and Future Perspectives in Pteriodology” held at Jaipur from 8.10 August 1989.
  •   National Symposium on current trends in Pteridology, Palayam Kotai, Tamil Nadu, 1991.
  •   81st Session of Indian Science Congress Association, Jaipur, 1994.
  •   International Symposium on “Exchange of Scientists and Cooperation with developing Countries” Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, Bonn, Germany, 1997.


 11. Fellowships/Memberships/Awards of Academic Bodies :


  •   Fellow, The Linnean Society of London, U.K.
  •   Member, The British Pteridoloical Society, U.K.
  •   Member, American Fern Society, U.S.A.
  •   Life Member, International Society of Plant Morphologists, Delhi.
  •   Life Member, The Indian Botanical Society, India.
  •   Life Member, The Bombay Natural History Society, India.
  •   Life Member, Society of Bionaturalists, Bhopal, India.
  •   Member, The International Association for Plant Tissue Culture.
  •   Member, The International Association of Pteridologists.
  •   Fellow and Founder Member, The Indian Fern Society, Patiala.
  •   Senior Fellow, Alexander V. Humboldt Foundation, Germany.
  •   Cash Merit Award for outstanding Research work by Govt. of Rajasthan, 1982.
  •   Holder of Merit pay of Govt. of Rajasthan for “Commendable research work in various fields of Botany, Particularly concerning Marsilea”.
  •   Member, Senate & Syndicate of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, 1978-79 : 1982-83.
  •   Member, Board of Management & Academic Council, University of Ajmer, Ajmer, 1990.
  •   Member, Board of Management, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi 1993 – Continue…



12. Hobbies         :           Nature Photography and conservation


 13. Administrative Experience :


  • Head, Department of Botany, Government College, Ajmer, 1981-83.
  •  Head, University Maharani’s Collage, Jaipur, 1985-86.
  •  Head, Department of Botany and Director, Academic Complex, University of Ajmer, 1990 April, 1991
  •   Vice Chancellor, Kota Open University, Kota, April, 1991-1994.



14. Present Position   :§  Supervising UGC, Humboldt Foundation (Germany) sponsored research projects at MDS University, Ajmer on Flora of Central Rajasthan with reference to Pteridophytes and threatened plant species, Monograph on Marsileaceae and setting up of a specialized centre with national and international support of amphibious habitat plants.

§  Convener, UGC committees for assessment of VIII Plant performance and IX Plan requirement for the Universities of Indore & Ujjain. 

§  Convener, UGC committees for assessment of colleges affiliated to Gwalior and Sagar Universities for VIII and IX Plan.

§  Expert Member assessment of ongoing and new major projects supported by UGC, 1988


Prof. R.K. Bansal

Professor & Ex-Head

Department of Chemistry

University of Rajasthan, Jaipur



Date of Birth                                    20.10.1942


Designation                                       Professor


Present Position &                          U.G.C. Emeritus Fellow, Department of Chemistry

 Address                                University of Rajasthan

                                                 Jaipur-302 004




Research Experience                                                  40 Years


·         No. of Ph.D. scholars supervised                  25

·         No. of Research scholars working                  02

·         No. of Research papers published                   86

·         No. of Review articles published                     15

·         No. of General articles published                     02

Chapters contributed to " Science of Synthesis: Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformations", Thieme: Stuttgart, Vol. 13  SIX

Postdoctoral Research Experience

1979-80 University of Odense, Denmark

!980-81 University of Erlangen, Germany as Humboldt Fellow

Visiting Scientist:

Visited Universities of Munich, Erlangen, Braunschweig, Halle, Jena, Leipzig, Greifswald, Rostock and Marburg as Humboldt fellow and under other programmes.

Collaborative Research Projects


1.      With Professor A. Schmidpeter

Department of Inorganic Chemistry

University of Munich, Munich, Germany


Title                                 Synthesis of Heterophospholes and Related Systems Through N-Cycloiminium Salts

Period                             1992-1995


2.      With Professor J. Heinicke

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,

EMA University, Greifswald, Germany


Title                                 Complex Chemical investigations with mono- and anellated         Azaphospholes and Azaphospholates

Funding agency                Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Germany

Period                             Aug 1995-Dec 2000



President of India, Sh K. R. Narayanan awarded Atma Ram Award fo the Year 2000 in 2001

  Rashtra Bhasha Sansthan, Jodhpur felicitated for contributions to Science in Hindi.

   Retired as Professor & Head of the Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur on October 31, 2002 and at present working as Emeritus Scientist in a Research Project funded by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi.